Application! :)

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Application! :)

Post by Mad » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:35 pm

Hello (:
I am Oliver Baxter aged 17 I have 2 brothers 2 sisters (I live by myself tho - with my dad) I am English I play football & Rugby (occasionally) I am nice dedicated & very competitive :P

I have been playing wow for over 5 Years! haha :P I have been in the same guild for 4 years Have been an officer for 3 :) I am very loyal but I want something new- which is why I am applying here :)

If I am to raid with you I can raid most nights I am very anti social and love wow so I am on most days & will always make time for the guild :) For now I will only bring this character in - 391 ilvl ret paladin 6/8 raid experience (not on this char) (in DS) I got 7/7 in firelands , If I enjoy the guild so much I will be thinking of bringing my alts etc here permanently (if accepted)

I do check wow websites and it is AskMrRobot & wowhead for things about my character and other thinks I may need (gemming enchants etc)
Lastly I would just like to say I am fun I like to chat and will help with anything/everything I can - thanks for reading :)

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