Recogs-Protection/Holy Paladin

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Recogs-Protection/Holy Paladin

Post by recogs » Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:40 pm

My name is Recep and i am 23 years old.I am an university student,(studying Business Administration).I am from Turkey.
To be honest,i started Wow with cataclysm,was a bit "green" back then.Tried to learn raiding in a decent, social/raiding guilds doing BOT/BWD/TOTW.When i see that,i like raiding very much.I applied to "Serenity",and got accepted.and after 3 weeks of trial,i become a raider.I was a holy paladin,but i also had tanking experience.After "serenity" become a social, i went to "Demons from heaven" with Wogdomix.And i couldnt find what i am looking for there.Then,i applied to Final Equilibrium with my druid,got accepted.Raided there for 2 weeks.But the thing there is,Raid leaders dont have a good communication with players,it is too "serious" at both raiding and as a social.(ppl are not social basically).So i felt unconfortable and left the guild.After i had a talk with officers.
About raid times.I am a very steady raider,except for the unexpected situations,ill just join all the raids.

If you need reference about me,you can ask marc(wogdomix).I am sure he will recommend me(He is trying to make me apply for 5 days ffs :D).

My other toons are Elmakurdu(Boomkin/resto druid),Recox(hunter) and Bebelax(blood dk/Pvp frost)
If you do not need My paladin,but if you need one of my other toons,i can happily change my main to it.(All of them has good gear for both DS/and DS HC)
Thx for reading my application,looking forward for your reply,


P.s: I know my prot pally is not so "epic" geared.But i believe it will be enough.(i used to be holy,didnt have chance to gear prot spec yet.)

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Re: Recogs-Protection/Holy Paladin

Post by Mirazad » Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:22 pm

All sounds very good to me :)

As you say your gear isn't amazing but that can be easily fixed. With the 10% DS nerf your gear should be enough for Normal mode.

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