Milme - Shadow Priest

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Milme - Shadow Priest

Post by Milme » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:27 am

I am Swed 30y male, got 2 kidz and a GF.
I've been playing wow since game lunch so i've been here for a while. I played on al clesses (exept mele, so no warrior or rogue). I started raiding some in vanila, but did alot in BC. In lich king it whent almost to a stop, and the death strike came with cata. Reson is both wow and personal stuff. Reason for starting again is cuz my life is awesome, got good job and earning good IRL Gs. And i realy yearn for MoP! Thats why im picking up some hardcore gaming again. Ive even taken a week of from work to game when relesed :P
I know i wont be the first lvl 90, but i sure am gona try :)

My internet is 100/10 fiber, 40 ich ms. If im working the late shift im online @ 21.00 game time. Els i usely starting to play @ 19.00 (when kidz go to bed). Yeah im online whaaay b4 if im home, probably al day when im home but wont be doing some heavy stuff, maby some HC tops. (dont like afk players, even from my self). Bed time shuld be 23.00 when starting early, but i rearly go to bed at that time ><

lvl 85 alts, Hunter - Tythia, Palla - Riith, Druid - Belha, Mage - Fih, Shaman - Ginevrah. Thou lately ive been only the priest. Also im trying to dualbox lvling a lock and DK / warrior and rogue, but its so boring lvling al of them is 50/60 ich^^,
If i get them in the guild or not dosent realy mater to me, cuz atm im not playing on them.

I do some google to try learning mor abute my class, elitjerks and mmo-champion i check alot.

My punshline would B:
Every fool can ninja good gear. But som stabil disent player is hard to find. Some one that got your back and picks up where your failing. When good friends on your back gear is EZ, but with no brains you can have how meny friends in the world, but remember, your only as strong as your weakest length

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Re: Milme - Shadow Priest

Post by Reviamjolly » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:15 pm

No offense but your application is quite hard to read, this may be due to my age or if you are perhaps european (more likely due to your connection)

We have limited recruiting due to summer and the up coming expansion.

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