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Rank Structure

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:18 am
by Superfam
Hi there, below is our rank structure.

1 and 2. GM - Guild Chairman and alts

The general principle is that all officers are considered equal partners in the running of the guild with equal responsibilty and privelidges. The Guild chairman rank is for the person designated to have the "Guild Leader" position according the the Wow universe, but for all other intents and purposes is a member of the Guild Council. In the event of disputes between council members or serious other issues muggins here will usually mediate and may have to make a final decision where a concensus has not been reached.

3. Guild council

The officers of the guild.

4. guild council

With a small "g". This is the rank for alts of officers, it has less GB access and is intended as a security measure. This is the highest available rank without an account having an authenticator attached.

5. Raider Gbr

A temporary rank to enable Guild Bank repairs to be accomplished

6. Raider

These members have shown regular and recent commitment to raids and can be relied upon to attend and perform in enchancing the raid progression of the guild.

To attain Raider rank, a member must achieve a total EP of 20,000. Once achieved a minimum EP of 15,000 must be maintained to keep the rank. If your EP falls below 15,000 you will return to member status and will again have to attain 20,000 EP to reach raider rank. If a Raider is aware of a reason why this may happen ( long holiday, surgery, natural disaster, fighting in Afghanistan etc etc) then they should report this to an officer before falling below 15,000 EP to have any chance of discretion being applied.

As part of their contribution to progression Raider ranks should install the recommended addons as listed in the raids section.

In exchange for this commitment Raider ranks will have Loot priority over Members and Initiates. EPGP will apply within ranks only. Raiders also have greater Guild Bank access and the entitlement to have any PvE item they intend to use in a raid enchanted with GB mats regardless of whether they have paid GP for them or not.

Officers are exempt from these restrictions, but are expected to use discretion when bidding for loot if they would not otherwise be eligible for Raider rank due to EP levels.

7. Member

Any member <85 or who doesn't meet the criteria for Raider status. Not automatically eligible for guild provided enchants/mats or gems.

8. Initiate

A member who has been in the guild for less than four weeks, or for more than that but we haven;t seen or heard enough to justify them being a part of the guild.

9. MIA

Guildies who have been off line for a long time, either notified or just noticed in the roster. This is a prelude to guild removal should a clear up happen. If the absence is known ie. you know you're going to India for a year, tell an officer who will put it in notes along with an expected return time that you shouldn't be kicked before!

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Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:59 pm
by Superfam
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